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We don't just "gather requirements" from our clients. We are their strategic partner. We help them understand and solve problems. Our opinions matter. We are not just do-ers. We are thinkers. We are strategists. We are empowered to be problem solvers.

We are a team of trust builders and good communicators who have a real interest in helping others succeed, whether it's our clients or each other.

We love what we do because our work makes a difference. We don't just deliver digital products. We deliver value. We take on difficult challenges and solve them. We are empowered to make an impact. We take pride in being high- performing teams and seeing our ideas come to life.

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You will never feel alone on an island. Other team members will always be happy to help, even in busy sprints. I was given the chance to use my all my skills and I never felt like I was limited to a single role or stuck in a project I didn't like. Client relationships were good and I always felt I was part of the client's team, rather than a remote service provider. A product mindset, where developers are involved in product discovery. Design and other handoffs are minimal.

A Glassdoor review, 2020

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Our clients range from start-ups to some of the most iconic brands in media. Our work has helped these clients win multiple awards, including Webby Awards and an award from Amazon for “Best Alexa Skill of 2018.”

We partner with our clients to help them build the best solutions for their needs. We help them choose the best technology stack, framework, and methodology that fit their needs. Whether it's machine learning, artificial intelligence, or showing how to properly adopt the lean agile framework, our focus is on delivering value to our clients.

At QCatalyst, we value flexibility and eagerness to learn more than we value the knowledge you already have. The challenges you tackle in one project will be different from what you do in another, based on what each project needs. You will have a voice to help shape the direction in each project. Creativity is a must!

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  • A relatively young startup with a team of highly skilled, engaged individuals.

  • Very open to experimentation, supportive with guided personal progress.

  • Fun people. engaging activities. Cakes!

  • Management tries to establish sane and people-oriented processes. 

  • Opinions and ideas are listened to and considered

A Glassdoor review, 2019


We are a curious, talented, passionate, and fun group of people. Growth and learning is the bedrock of our culture. We learn from each other and we are always encouraged to pursue growth opportunities. We love fresh new ideas and trying new things.

We work in a startup environment. It is fast-paced and exciting. There is never a boring day!

We are a flat organization. We don't have too many layers of management. We value transparency and open communication. We have a high standard of ethics.

We are on multiple continents. We come from different backgrounds and cultures. We love and embrace our diversity!

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Highly skilled team with great tech knowledge and great sense of humour. A great place to learn & develop. A small company where management is in contact with everyone, so your opinion is heard and matters.

A Glassdoor review, 2019


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A culture of growth and learning

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Creative problem solving


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Focus on outcome, not output

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Be around fun people


Make an impact

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